Deal Type Filters

The deal type filters are a powerful to help you filter happy hours by deal type. To get the best results there are 2 main concepts to understand; deal types and filter mode.

Deal Types

The four current deal types are beer, liquor, wine, and food. By default they are grayed out, which means no filter is active and all the results for the selected day are being displayed. As you click the icons to turn them on, the list is updated to display only the happy hours that contain your selected deal type. You can select one or more deal types. How they interact with each other is determined by the 2 filter modes.

Filter modes

Filter modes only have an effect when 2 or more deal types are selected, otherwise both modes would show the same results. They determine how the selected deal types affect the list. When ANY is selected, any happy hour that contains at least one of your selected deal types will be displayed. For example, if you select the beer and wine icons, with the ANY filter mode, any happy hour that has a beer or a wine deal will display, but they may not necessarily have both.

If you want to make sure the happy hours had beer and wine, that is where the ALL mode comes in. When the ALL mode is selected, only happy hours that contain all of the selected deal types will be displayed.

Reset Filter

To reset the filter to display all results click the reset button or deselect all deal types so they appear grayed out.